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Ovens Murray

What we do

Our vision

We work together in Ovens Murray to ensure: children start school ready to thrive, outcomes for children and young people are improved, and community and family violence is prevented.

Our priorities

The Ovens Murray Area Partnership identified three broad priorities, following consultation across our seven communities.

  1. Children start school ready to thrive; focussing on families with children aged 0-8 years old.
  2. Changing attitudes to family violence.
  3. Improving outcomes for at risk youth including those in out-of-home care.

Current activities

Early Years Plan

Our approach

Improving outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and families is the shared responsibility of families, communities, service providers and government. To achieve our vision, we are building on the strengths of our rural communities to support children, young people and their families.

The Steering Group has identified local innovation projects and existing partnerships such as Let's Learn Together in Wangaratta and Advancing Benalla, as key learning opportunities for the partnership. By supporting these initiatives and identifying what works, the partnership can support the expansion of successful approaches across the Area, and address system barriers. 

The partnership is also engaging local families and the broader community to build our knowledge of what it will take for all children in our Area to start school ready to thrive.

Get involved

For more information or to get involved, please contact us.